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We are back!

For the last eleven months, the church has been quiet on Wednesday nights. Life has been strange and tough in many ways during this time. However, through it all God has remained faithful and good, and I, along with the other WAM teachers, am ready to get back in the swing of things, celebrating who God is and what He has done for us. With glad hearts, we are ready to welcome your children back to WAM this Wednesday night!

Preparing for a new season of WAM always draws my mind back to the previous years. I love thinking about how this ministry has evolved and adapted to bring a new generation of kids to Christ. When I began serving in this ministry in 2003, it was called “Children’s Choir” and didn’t look anything like it does today. Each age group was split up into classroom settings where we sang, played musical games, and did crafts as an individual class.

Though the program was working fine, the leadership team had a vision for something bigger and more dynamic. And so, we began WAM, Worship Arts Ministry, which incorporated a variety of ways to worship God. Instead of focusing on just using our voices to worship, we began teaching how to worship the Lord with all of our gifts and talents. And boy, have we done it all: percussion, bells, cooking, sewing, construction, hip hop, sign language, painting, drama. Every year has been something new, something wonderful.

Once again, WAM is set to undergo some changes. For the health and safety of our staff and children, things will look and run differently this year. However, the energy, message, and student-centered approach will be the same.

One goal of the WAM leadership team has always been to provide students with the opportunity to have a worship time made just for them. As always, we will incorporate energetic worship songs that speak to their hearts. We will also continue ministering to the students with biblical applications on their level. Our biblical focus for the upcoming months will be the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Who is Jesus? Who are His followers? How can I live like Him? Students can also look forward to some of their favorite activities: wacky games, crafts, and, of course, Worshiper of the Week!

We can’t wait to get started up again. Our team is excited to show the children the love of God and teach them that worship permeates all aspects of their lives. Join us each Wednesday at 6:30, and we will fill the church with laughter, music, and praise once again!

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Last Fall, I had the opportunity to complete the Missouri Baptist Disaster Relief training along with a group from our church. Disaster Relief is an organization that trains and equips local residents to respond and help those in need when a disaster strikes. And, we know too well how devastating that can be and how important that help can be through the recent winter storms in Texas.

 As a part of our ongoing support and efforts to help others when disaster strikes, our church again mobilized our members to fill and stage almost 200 sandbags. In less than one hour, on a recent Saturday morning, almost 40 of us came together at the church to get this done. It had been cold the week before, and while a concern, we stayed busy enough filling sandbags that the cold did not hamper our efforts. The coffee, hot chocolate, donuts, and bagels kept us even warmer! As you can see in the pictures, those sandbags now sit ready to help those who will certainly face raising waters and floods as winter snow melts and spring rains come.


 I can tell you personally how rewarding it is to be a part of a team that helps others in need and stands prepared to help when trouble strikes. You, too, can be a part of that effort. In the weeks and months ahead, there will be opportunities to help serve others when they are in need.

 Look for more updates and news and when the opportunity comes – be ready to join in and help. If interested, there is another Disaster Relief training April 9-10 at First Baptist O’Fallon. You can register at or contact Glen Locklear in the church office.

Be a blessing to others and be blessed through your efforts.                                            

 Kurt & Tammy Schultz

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