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 FBC Wentzville family,

 My family and I are in a season of a lot of changes. It is hard to leave a place that has been a huge constant in our lives. As we are selling our home, finding a new one, leaving our church, and joining a new one, it is hard not to look back and reminisce at the impact that this place and group of people has had on me and my family.

I was thirteen years old when my family first visited FBCW. My earliest memories were attending Big Top VBS and an older student introduced himself and told me to sit with him through the service in that big, white tent. I slowly started attending weekly student ministry programs, the occasional event, and eventually mission trips and camps. God called me to ministry while a high school student. I was given opportunities to grow and learn in that calling. I was mentored by Jeremy Shirley as a high school student, college student, and a part time student ministry associate—and even now. There are so many years’ worth of memories from my time as a nervous middle school student, a learning and growing high school and college student, and as a Student Pastor—it’d be hard to mention even a tenth of them in this blog post. (However, I would love to talk about our shared memories with you Wednesday evening!)

I’ve had the benefit of being invested in by so many pastors, volunteers, and other students in my time here that have truly grown me and shaped me into the person I am today—that although we are leaving our home church, it will never cease to be referred to as such.

If I could encourage you with anything, whether you are a child, student, parent, “older person”—any member of FBCW—it’s that no second is wasted in investing in someone else. When we love God, we know he tells us that means to love people. Sometimes it feels like the impact being made is missing or minimal, but every Sunday School class, chaperoned retreat, Saturday at Upward is making an impact for someone and building them into who God wants them to be. I know this because it was done for me and my family for 15 years—and we had the opportunity to serve here and do the same for others.

We are going to miss all of you and this place—even the teal carpet, a little bit. We are excited about where God has led us and want He wants to do through us. At the same time, I am excited about what God will continue to do here and how He will use this change for His purpose!

 See ya later, fam!

 In Christ,

Alec, Emily, and Elias Erhart

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Are you ready for some basketball? Cheerleading? Not sure about you, but I know a lot of people who just want 2020 to be done and gone, another year in the history books. But, there’s still a lot to do and tons of fun to be had before we usher in 2021. The Upward Sports ministry here at FBCW has been working hard over the last couple months, planning for the coming season. We believe we can serve our community in this time of uncertainty and chaos, and we believe we can do it safely and as good stewards of your trust. Our community is hurting and struggling...longing to find some some sense of normalcy in our daily lives. We hope to provide another excellent season of basketball and cheerleading, fulfilling that need.

It WILL look significantly different than the Upward season you’ve come to expect over the past decade, though. Primarily, we will only be able to offer teams for children in kindergarten through 4th grade. Because church doesn’t own our own gym, we’ve always relied on other organizations to rent their gyms to our league. Due to policy changes brought on by the COVID pandemic, many of these organizations are no longer renting their gyms to outside organizations like ours, which will limit our enrollment.

We’ve secured enough gym space for twenty-four teams. We’ll limit the basketball team size to no more than 8 players, and cheer squads will have no more than 9 girls each. We’ve put in place a comprehensive plan to protect our players, parents, and volunteers that you can find HERE. We believe the modifications we’ve implemented will provide for a safe environment. If you plan to register your child, I strongly encourage you to read through that list in its entirety so you know what to expect at practices and games beforehand.

We live in a broken world that is in desperate need of a Savior. We’re on mission to “Promote the Discovery of Jesus Through Sports,” and our community needs the love of Jesus Christ now more than ever. If you have a passion for Jesus and are looking for an opportunity to serve God and our community, the Upward Sports ministry has a spot just for you on the team. We need coaches, assistant coaches, referees, registration volunteers, game day setup/cleanup crews, scorekeepers, announcers, practice monitors, and more. For more information about volunteer opportunities, email me at .

Registration is open now through October 5th. Visit the church website for more information, including registration instructions and key dates. Hope to see you out on the courts soon!

Jason Meinershagen, Upward Director

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