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As we look back over life, many of us remember a time when we were younger that we just didn’t feel ready to take the next step.  We’d say things like…“I’m just not ready to settle down yet and get married” or “I’m not ready to have kids yet”.  Then someone older and wiser than us would come along and remind us….you’ll never be ready.  Eventually you come to that realization and you take those big steps.  It’s not all that different in other aspects of life. For some of us we proved ourselves trustworthy and hard-working on the job quickly.  In doing so you were given opportunities to do harder things.  Unfortunately, out of fear of failure, lack of confidence, and maybe just not totally knowing what to do we sometimes turn those things down. It’s interesting how we can look back on our lives and see times when we said no to opportunities and realize how we missed out on growth opportunities.  I know I’ve missed out on some for sure.

I think about these things because all too often as a leader in the church when I ask younger men to step up to lead I get a bunch of excuses why they aren’t able to.  Simple excuses like…I’m too busy, I don’t know enough about the Bible, I don’t feel qualified etc.  The saddest part about all of it is that almost never do you get an excuse along the lines of no because they don’t feel like God wants them to do that specific thing because God is directing them to lead in another way. More often than not, men are just opting not to lead and missing out on opportunities to grow.

There are all kinds of places we can look in the Bible to see evidence of leadership by young men and sometimes even young boys and teenagers.  Probably one of the best examples we can look at is the disciples. While we don’t have record of exactly what ages they were when Jesus called them to follow Him, most believe they were young men, some possibly even teenagers.  Each of them had to make a choice when Jesus asked them to follow Him. In that moment each of them could have said no for various reasons.  They would have to leave their careers…none of them were Jewish scholars…none of them had spent time preparing and getting qualified to follow Jesus.  Despite that fact, each one of them said yes.  I know some along the way during Jesus’ life chose not to follow Him, but I wonder if Jesus might have asked some to be his elite force of early church leaders only to be told no for any number of reasons. What an opportunity this would have been to pass up but, in our youth sometimes we say no and miss out.

In a time when we need more men than ever to step up and say yes to not only following Jesus and also to lead here are some important thoughts:

  1. Men are designed by God to lead. Yes, we all have different personalities, but we also have spiritual gifts from the Lord. Leading doesn’t always mean standing on stage and preaching.  I don’t care if you lead from behind the scenes or in front of the crowd, God has a place for you to lead within the church that fits your gift set.
  2. Men need to stop making excuses. When people tell me no they’re not willing to lead without giving it an ounce of prayer; most of the time you’ve just told me you’re making excuses based on fear, selfishness and feelings of inadequacy…not because God told you no.
  3. Men need to trust the Lord. I’ve heard it said…”God doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called”. Every one of us is unqualified to serve the Lord in every way apart from the leadership of God himself.  Trust the Lord to equip you and give you the ability to do anything and everything that He wants you to do.
  4. Men should learn to be comfortable with being unqualified. Churches have too many people as it is running around doing ministry in their own human power instead of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Maybe if we would just say yes to the Lord, be content with the fact we aren’t able by ourselves, then we’d rely on the Lord enough to actually accomplish something God sized!

Before I conclude, let me remind you older guys out there…we need you.  We need you to care about the younger men, we need you to show us how to lead, show us how to use our gifts.  I know some of you have served faithfully and led well in the church for many, many years…but if you don’t help the next generation of men learn to lead…who will lead the church when you’re gone?  Who will lead the church now to be relevant to younger families? 

From one young guy, who has made plenty of mistakes by saying no plenty of times when God was probably trying to grow me…let’s start leading!  Whether it’s inconvenient, uncomfortable, challenging…let’s say yes to doing God things instead of saying no to all things!  Let’s learn to lead!

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As our society has moved to where on-demand content is the expectation, it’s exciting that now no matter where you are you can view the sermon wherever you are and whenever you want. Maybe that’s at home sick, on the road for vacation, traveling for business, or maybe you just want to go back and watch it again…bottom line is now the sermons are available 24/7 wherever you are in such a way that you can watch it and share it with others.

 Currently we have 2 options for you to view the sermon live. On our Facebook Page, FBC Wentzville, and also on our website at  Facebook will archive the video each week so you can go back there anytime to watch the video.  On our website, early each week on the Sermon Archive page you can find the addition of that week’s sermon with options to “Watch”, “Listen”, “Download”. In the future we may increase options on where you can view the sermon.  You can find the Sermon archive at this link: If you’d like to suggest somewhere that would make it more convenient for you to watch, feel free to do so!

For many of us each week, the Holy Spirit uses the Pastor to challenge us and lead us to repentance through his preaching.  That 40ish minutes a week is incredibly formative for us as we seek to grow in relationship and worship our Lord!  I want to encourage you to extend the life to the message the Pastor brings each week by sharing it with others who might need to see it.  Who knows what hitting that Share button on Facebook could do as someone you know might watch a portion of the sermon and be moved by the Holy Spirit as well either to salvation or to greater obedience to Christ!

As we take these first steps into the world of Live video, we have a small team of young men that are making it possible to live stream 1 service each week.  We’d love to do ever more, starting with streaming the 11 AM service on Sunday mornings as well.  Each service needs a 2-person team to make it possible.  The pastor would also love to use some live video even inside the worship center to make things easier to see when he does visual illustrations from the stage.  All that would be possible with more volunteers.  If you’re the behind the scenes type and looking for a way to serve regularly, let us know by contacting Jeremy Shirley in the church office or email me at .

One other thing I’ll mention as it’s a question we’ve received multiple times.  We’d love to do the entirety of worship from beginning to end. At this point we’re unable to do it well due to limitations associated with our really old sound system in the Worship Center.  For those of you considering giving to the Project Priority List as part of Channels of Blessing, the replacement of the sound system is the majority of the 2nd Phase once we get done with fixing our Worship Center roof, replacing flooring, and creating some additional first floor classrooms by adding partitions to the Fellowship Hall.  Once we’re able to put forth a quality live music feed, we’ll gladly expand to offer the entirety of worship each week.

If you ever experience technical difficulties, feel free to share them but also realize that there are many variables that are out of our control with the strength of the internet signal being number 1 and then the way your specific device handles the content being a close second.  We do make mistakes sometimes, no doubt about it, but many things are out of our control.

We hope you enjoy this new ministry and look forward to it growing as some of you step up to help in the future!

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