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What are you afraid of? We all have that ONE thing that gives us the ‘heebie jeebies’ and makes us shudder at the mere thought of it, right? I’ve been afraid of many things in my life… snakes, spiders, heights, confined spaces…even the dark. I have a dream one day of jumping out of an airplane and freefalling to the earth for several minutes before opening a parachute to slow my descent, but for now my fear keeps me on the ground…for now. I’ve been a firefighter now for 22 years, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned that stands out for me today, it’s the need to conquer our fears…and how much power we actually have available to do just that. Recently, I’ve been afraid of the unknown. I’ve been comfortable…riding the waves of a successful career, ministry, and home life…comfortable to enjoy the ride and not rock the boat by turning toward the storm and the unknown.

I recently accepted a promotion at work…a new position that came with many unknowns. I’m navigating unchartered waters and making my own course now, but two months ago I was afraid to take the step. God spoke to me through many different people as I weighed that decision, and the one thing He was making abundantly clear to me through all of them…”I did not give you a spirit of fear.” The enemy wants to use our fear to slow us down…to keep us quiet…to dampen our joy…to extinguish the light inside us. The enemy uses our fears against us. Fear tells us we’re not good enough. Fear says we can’t do it. Fear tells us we shouldn’t do it. Fear tells us we’re weak and powerless. Fear tells us we’re unworthy and not loved. Fear keeps us from enjoying the benefits of life. Fear tells us there is no way it can be done. Fear shouts, “I OWN YOU!!”

If you’re reading this today, know that your fear does not define you. Your fear does not own you. Your fear is not from God. Your fear is holding you back, but it doesn’t have to. “For God did not give us a spirit of fear. He gave us a spirit of power and of love and of a good mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7

You have a spirit of POWER. A spirit of LOVE. A spirit of GOOD MIND (SOUND MIND, GOOD JUDGMENT, SELF-CONTROL). That means you have the POWER within you to CONTROL the fear, not let the fear control you! Do you get that? Do you really?!! Man, if you’re anything like me, maybe you need to read that again…and again…and again…and again. Sometimes, I need to be reminded of that every single day. God has given you a spirit of POWER, LOVE, and SELF-CONTROL. How will you use that power today to conquer your fears? How will you use that power today to step out in faith and accept the blessings God has waiting for you on the other side of the fear? How will you use that spirit to love God and love people? What have you been saying “no” to? What have you been refusing to try because you’ve convinced yourself it’s not doable or possible? What negative self-talk do you say to yourself that holds you back?

Maybe if you’re like me, you’re moved by music. When you put this down, find the popular song by Zach Williams called, “Fear is a Liar” and be inspired to take a step toward conquering the fear that is lying to you today. We’ll each conquer our fears together today…and maybe today is the day I go skydiving after all!

Be blessed. Be the blessing!

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