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    Adult Sunday School Leader

    01.16.17 | Volunteer | Adults | At FBCW | by Jeremy Shirley

    There is a constant need for more Sunday School group leaders. As long as there are disciples to be made, we’ll have a growing need for more groups which require more leaders. As the leader of a class you’re responsible for keeping your group...

      Health in Panama

      01.10.17 | Missions | by Glen Locklear

      - No vaccinations are required Suggested: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, and typhoid. (This suggestion is for those heading to the jungle and unimproved parts of the country.  We do not go there.) Routine shots such as...

        Safety In Panama

        01.10.17 | Missions | by Glen Locklear

        - Panama remains relatively safe when compared to other Central American countries, yet crime rates are still higher than one would encounter in most of the United States.  Unfortunately, the rate of simple theft has risen, with smart phones...

          Facts About Panama

          01.10.17 | Missions | by Glen Locklear

          Capital: Panama City Time Zone: Eastern (no daylight savings) Area: 4,623 Square Miles (Slightly smaller than South Carolina) Climate: Tropical (hot, humid, cloudy; prolonged rainy season (May to January), short dry season (January to...

            Facts About Mexico

            01.10.17 | Missions | by Glen Locklear

            Capital: Mexico City (about 90 miles from Puebla) Time Zone: Central (no daylight savings) Area: 1,160,000 Sq. Mi. (Size of Western 1/3 of the USA) Climate: Varies from tropical to desert Population: 120 Mil. People:  60% Mestizo...

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