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Adult SS Prayer Request Coordinator

01.16.17 | Volunteer | At FBCW | by Jeremy Shirley


    Adult Sunday School is the primary ministry of our church focusing on engaging all adults in discipleship. As part of our call to make disciples the focus of the ministry is on Reaching People for Christ, Teaching the Word, and Ministering to Others. 


    As an Adult SS class it’s extremely important to pray for one another. Someone has to keep track of the prayer requests and send them to the class members each week so they’re accessible for each individuals prayer time. 

    Skills/Gifts Needed

    Faithfulness in attendance and the ability to make lists and communicate them via email or others means to the class as a whole.

    To Get Involved

    If you’re already engaged in Sunday School, the best place to start is by talking with your current Sunday School leader. If you’re not engaged in Sunday School or just have more questions, please contact Jeremy Shirley at 636-327-8696 or