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    WAM Volunteers

    04.03.17 | Volunteer | Children | At FBCW | by Grant Jessen

    WAM provides opportunities for people to serve as music teachers, drama teachers, dance teachers, sign language teachers, instrument teachers, art teachers, secretaries, class helpers, setup helpers, set builders, costumes, props, event planners...

      Kids Worship

      03.20.17 | Volunteer | Children | At FBCW | by Sara Bessie

      Volunteers have the opportunity to lead worship, give a 20 minute message (from the Gospel Project curriculum), lead a small group, or simply assist in any of these areas.

        Children's Church Volunteers

        01.23.17 | Volunteer | Children | At FBCW | by Jason Hoke

        Children’s church is looking for volunteers to help with the large group music. This is a month on month off rotation. This is where the children learn what worship is and how it is done on their age level. A volunteer is also needed for the...

          Preschool Coordinator

          01.23.17 | Volunteer | Children | At FBCW | by Jason Hoke

          Our preschool ministry is looking for a coordinator to help insure we have all of our classes covered on Sunday morning. The individual will be in charge of teacher rotations for three classrooms. Help the Children’s Pastor recruit substitute...