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Financial Peace FAQ

10.17.16 | Financial Peace | by Gary Mills

    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. How often do the classes meet?

    There are 9 class sessions meeting each week.
    2. How long is each class session?

    Approximately 90 minutes to two hours for each session and each is independent of the others.

    Part One, taught by Dave Ramsey on video, teaches you how to make wise financial decisions based on Scripture.

    Part Two of each class session is a small-group discussion. The design of the discussion groups helps you apply the principles to your daily life. Members hold each other accountable, build friendships, and support one another. Since personal finance is 80% behavior, this small-group format ensures that class members realize finance is more than just math.

    3. If I miss one class, can I make it up?

    Lessons may be viewed online (first lesson free, the rest for a nominal charge) and the coordinator will work with you to ensure you get credit for viewing it.

    4. What is included in the FPU Membership Kit?

    As part of your enrollment package, you will receive:

    • All 9 lessons online.
    • Dave Ramsey's personal testimony online.
    • Three months of zero based monthly budgeting forms.
    • A financial snapshot progress form.
    • A complete set of financial management forms, including samples.
    • All 9 fill-in-the-blank FPU lessons to work through with Dave during the classes.
    • Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace Revisited book.
    • The envelope system.
    • Two debit card holders.
    • Access to the Member Resource Center online, where you will find helpful financial tools.
    • A graduation certificate upon completion of the class.

    5. How many classes do I need to attend in order to graduate?

    You must attend or view online 8 of the 9 classes to qualify for the graduation certificate.