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Graphic Design

01.27.17 | Volunteer | At FBCW | by Jeremy Shirley


    Our church has many tremendous ministry opportunities taking place throughout the year. Not all ministry team leaders are gifted with the ability to do graphic design in an effort to best communicate their own ministry.  We strive to provide the ministry to our leaders to ensure that we’re able to communicate each individual ministry opportunity with the excellence God expects.


    The days of clip art and hand written flyers are past. We need people that have the requisite skills to be able to design graphics/logos/flyers and other special communication items to insure that when people are invited to ministry opportunities the method of communication isn’t an immediate turn off or confusing. 


    A working knowledge of a computer design program such as Photoshop or even something like Publisher is extremely beneficial. An eye for excellence and the ability to translate the ideas of ministry team leaders into designs.  Given the time sensitivity of communications, timeliness is important as well.

    To Get Involved

    If you’d like to start helping meet the graphic design needs of the church please contact Jeremy Shirley at or 636-327-8696