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LIstener/Table Representative

03.18.17 | Volunteer | by April Crahen


    To help others to hide God’s word in our heart that we might not sin against God.  Psalms 119:11


    Volunteers are needed to man the table on Sunday mornings.  Volunteers who man the table will assist in signing up new members, assisting those who have memorized their verses mark the calendar and receive their reward and listen to participants recite their verses.

    Who Are You Serving?

    Volunteers will be assisting participants in Grade 6 through adults.


    There are no special requirements needed to volunteer.  Volunteers can volunteer as often as they would like.  Volunteers can sign up to assist on a weekly basis, once a month or whatever works for their schedules.
    Volunteers are needed on an ongoing basis.

    To Get Involved

    Anyone who wishes to volunteer can come by the ministry table on Sunday mornings or contact April Crahen by phone 636-278-0244 or