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God has placed us here together for such a time as this when we can make a difference for the kingdom in a unique way.  You've been gifted in a unique way and our hope is you'll use those skills/talents/gifts to serve the Lord.  Prayerfully consider the many opportunities below that you could get involved in. 

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If you don't find your fit among the many options below, we recognize that each part of the body is created unique.  If you're feeling called by God to start up a new ministry to help our church better Love God and Love People then Pastor Ralph would love to hear from you about what God is calling you to start!

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Soccer Registration/Orientation Volunteers

Volunteers who help with registration and orientations are the first face-to-face contact families will have with the Upward Sports ministry each season. Each season as registration closes, we conduct 3-4 orientation events for the players...

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Soccer Prayer Partners

Prayer is the foundation upon which all we do is built, so within the Upward Sports ministry is a prayer ministry all itself. Prayer Partners commit to praying for at least 5 minutes daily leading up to and throughout each season (typically...

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

If you haven't identified how you're spiritually gifted, take this survey below to assist you in discovering how you're gifted!

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Soccer Half-Time Devotions

At every half-time of every game (approximately 24 games every Saturday for 8 weeks, we share a brief message with parents and families watching their children’s games. We need volunteers to take any number of devotions for each Saturday. Each...

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Soccer Game Day Setup/Cleanup

Our game day setup/cleanup crew is responsible for setting up the gym/field for each game day and/or tearing it down at the end of the day. Games are on Saturdays from August through October for 8 weeks each season.

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Soccer Game Day Announcers

The Game Day Announcer makes the game day experience for the children playing. The announcer calls each player’s name before each game as they run through the tunnel onto the field.

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Soccer Mascots

“Shooter”, our mascot likes to make as many appearances as he can throughout the season, but in order for him to do that, we need willing volunteers who love to cut loose and have fun…while retaining your anonymity of course.

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Soccer Marketing/Social Media Coordinator

Marketing and promoting our upcoming seasons each year and connecting with the families in our leagues throughout each season is always necessary. People today are connecting through social media more than ever, and we have a huge need for...

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Soccer Photographer & Videographer

If you enjoy taking pictures and video, we need your help. Throughout each season, we need someone to attend various events and game days who can capture moments on film so we can create the highlight and promotional videos that connect people...

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