Adult Sunday School

Everyone needs a place to connect, a place to grow with other believers, and a place to accomplish God's mission through serving Him.  There is no greater opportunity than Adult Sunday School to find that small group of adults in a similar life stage to walk through life as Christians together.  Don't get lost in the crowd by only going to Worship, join us as we fulfill our God given purpose to....




What Kind of Groups Are Offered?

We have many groups which you can choose from; groups for young and older adults, early risers and those that like to sleep in, parents and empty nesters.  If you're just beginning the process of connecting with our church, we'd encourage you to try multiple groups until you find the perfect fit!  You can find all of our options for Adult Sunday School at the link below:

Find A Sunday School Group

What Do We Study?

We currently use a curriculum called "Explore The Bible".  It's a curriculum published by Lifeway, the Southern Baptist Convention publishing arm.  Explore the Bible is a "Book-by-book Bible study that takes participants deep into the context of God's Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context".  Everyone in our groups is welcome to a Learner Guide to help you prepare to participate in your group gathering each week.

How Do I Find Where A Group Meets?

If it's your first time to visit, or you've finally decided you connect with a Sunday School group, the Welcome Center located in our main lobby is the place to go.  If you've picked out a class you want to visit they'll gladly help you get to the class and if you haven't picked one out, they'll be glad to help make a recommendation.  Some classes meet outside of Sunday mornings.  For those, you can find the address and time on the Sunday School Group Finder. 

Interested In Starting Your Own Group?

To Reach, Teach, and Minister to more people, we have to start new groups.  If you're feeling God's leadership to start a new group, be it on our campus or out in the community.  Contact Jeremy Shirley at or 314-494-8595 and he'll gladly speak with you about potential opportunities to further our ministry.

Email Jeremy