Widows/Widowers Ministry


To share God's love, hope, companionship, and kindness to widows/widowers.


The idea of this ministry is to help people that have lost their husbands or wives through death. They no longer have the companion that they have had for several years and may feel lost, hopeless, sad and possibly turning away from God. Their friend group may be changing, they have more time alone and possibly not feeling value in themselves. Timothy 5:16 says.... Let the church not be burdened, so that it may care for those who are truly widows/widowers. If your a widow/widower, please contact Lisa Tackett so we can get you connected in the ministry.What a widow/widower should expect from this ministry... 

  • Each widow/widower will receive a call from the ministry.

  • Each widow/widower will be matched with a ministry partner who will be your support/mentor (their is no specific job description for this, Your ministry partner may take you out to eat, send you a card, make a dish for you, call just to see how you are doing or anything else that they think of to make you smile.)

  • Each widow/widower will be invited to our monthly event (bingo, themed parties, pot lucks, holiday parties and more)

  • Each widow/widower should begin to feel purpose, Gods love and smile again.  YOU WILL NEVER GET OVER THIS LOSS OF YOUR LOVED ONE, BUT MAYBE LEARN HOW TO LIVE A NEW NORMAL WITH LOTS OF LOVE AROUND YOU!

Why do we need ministry partners in this ministry...….

  • We want to create a ministry of teamwork that creates friendships and loyalty 
  • No one person can do this alone
  • Teamwork offers differing perspectives and feedback
  • Teamwork provides synergy

What ministry partners can expect to do....

  • You will call Lisa Tackett and let her know what God is leading you to do in the ministry.  You can help directly with the widows/widowers and be a friend any way that you would like (calls, cards, food, a listening ear, praying for them etc..)
  • You can also just attend the monthly events when you are able to help with set up, food, planning, decorating or just sit by your widow/widower so they don't feel alone at the event (whatever you chose)
  • You can be a silent ministry partner and buy bingo prizes for events, bring food to events, send cards out, call widow/widowers to remind them of events, be a part of the pray chain, and more.  Skies the limit here..lets work on this together!
  • You can come up with ideas for monthly events or literature for the ministry that can create peace and value for widow/widowers.


Ministry Appeals To?

Widows/widowers and everyone else who would like to offer time, kindness, and their gifts to put a smile on a widow/widowers face.


Once a month events at the church will be posted-dinners, bingo, themed parties etc.

For More Information?

Please contact Lisa Tackett for more information about getting involved in this ministry.  or @ 636-290-3401