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VBS: Destination Dig

Seek truth! Find Jesus! That was the motto shouted out last week as children filled our church for Vacation Bible School. Through the Destination Dig VBS theme, children learned that we can seek truth through God’s Word and find our salvation in Jesus. God tells us, “You will seek me and find me when you search for me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:11).

 After so many months of quarantines and anxiety surrounding COVID, the weeks leading up to VBS had unique challenges and concerns for the directors as they planned. Would parents bring their children so soon after COVID? Would we have enough workers to fill all of the necessary roles? The directors moved forward in faith and prayer, knowing that God would work within our community. As always, God was faithful to bless their efforts. A total of 136 children and 48 volunteers participated in the week’s events.

 For VBS 2021, children explored present-day Israel as they learned about the life, miracles, death, and resurrection of Jesus. Digging through the Bible each night, children discovered God’s promises, His power, and His plan for our salvation. They also learned that modern-day archeologists have evidence to prove that the Bible is not just a bunch of stories. It is real. The places in the Bible can be visited today, and many real-life archeological finds have helped uncover the truth about Jesus. By the end of the week, 15 children made decisions to accept Christ as their Lord and Savior.

 The week ended with a very successful Family Night. The preschool and elementary children performed the theme song, motto, scripture verse, and a few fun songs for their parents. Following the performance, families and volunteers enjoyed a fellowship time outside, complete with food, inflatables, games, and prizes. Throughout the night, many parents expressed their appreciation for VBS this year. They were so grateful to see their children gathered with others again, laughing, singing, and learning about the Word of God.

 Big Top VBS

While the preschool and elementary children enjoyed an air-conditioned VBS, the youth braved the heat to gather outside under the tent for Big Top VBS. Despite the heat consistently reaching over 90 degrees, 53 students came to join in the fun over the course of the week.

 Each night students dressed in themed outfits, brought visitors, and participated in games in order to earn points for their team. Whether it was Sports Night, Cereal Night, or Color Night, the competition was fierce. Students worked to “out eat” each other in the Oreo Race and Watermelon Eating Contest. They raced to snag points in Head, Shoulders, Knees, Spoon. The final game challenge was a Dodgeball Tournament in which the stakes were very high.

 Even with crazy themes and games, God’s Word was the focus of the week. Christian High School’s Bible teacher, Stephen Loeffler, preached each night. As an ex-Marine, Loeffler, earned the students’ immediate respect and attention while he shared his personal stories and preached from the Word. Within his messages, Loeffler highlighted several of God’s faithful servants, including Moses, David, Rahab, and Jonah. Students learned how the Old Testament points toward Christ, proving that God’s plan was in motion from the beginning. Each night, Loeffler gave the students an important takeaway and application for their lives, including

 · God desires for us to respond. (Where are you?)

· God desires to release our captive hearts. (What sin is holding you?)

· God desires to restore your identity. (Where do you find your identity?)

· God desires to reign as Lord in your life. (What battles are you fighting?)

· God desires to redeem others through you. (Are you willing to be sent?)

 Overall, the success of VBS 2021 reminds us that God is faithful at all times. We might have been unsure of what would happen this year, but God knew. He knew that 15 children would make decisions to follow Him. He knew that 53 teenagers would hear his Word. He knew that His faithful servants at FBCW would be blessed through their participation in a long, hot, sweaty week. No matter what we see in the world around us, God is ready and willing to do great things. As our church moves into a season of rebuilding, we can be truly thankful that God will provide when we are willing to serve and step out in faith.

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VBS is off to an amazing start!  Sunday and Monday kids were uncovering Biblical truth as they learned how to "Dig" into God's Word!  If you haven't been able to make it yet, there is still time to join us in the fun!!  Here are some highlights so far this week:

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