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Bill Driggers

Time | Wednesday, 9:30am - 10:45am

Room Number | 154

Location | 653 Luetkenhaus Blvd Wentzville MO 63385

Leader | Bill Driggers,

Childcare | Yes

As a class leader, I've been teaching adult Sunday School off & on for about 30-35 years. I am 69 and have been married 45 years. I have children and grandchildren, and my highest education is a Masters Degree. My primary interests are reading and studying the Bible and writing lessons for the class in more Biblical debt than traditional lesson plans. I have studied the book of Revelation and other related end time prophecy books of the Bible for about 30+ years. Out of church my favorite activities are salt water fishing, gardening, going to the beach with family and especially sharing ice cream and sweets with grandchildren.

The class is made up of people whose ages are high 40's to low 80's. They are married with children and grandchildren and all are what I would call 'Not New but more Mature Christians'. Every Sunday we begin the class with sweet snacks, coffee, fellowship and prayer requests, then a brief analysis of current events as they relate to what the Holy Bible says and finally, the lesson. Currently we are discussing 'End Times Events', specifically the book of Revelation and other 'End Times' related books of the Bible. After we finish this study, the class will pick another book from the Bible and we will study that book.  Also, I believe that anyone who comes to our class will be made to feel very welcome and quickly become part of the class family.