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This Sunday we had our parenting spotlight; sorry many of you were not able to attend.  We discussed the next generation coming up in America and how to reach them for Christ.  Below is a short recap of our teaching on this important subject.

Generation Z is a designation of people in the United States that were born between 1995 and 2015.  To better understand, these are the children currently attending school and college.  Over the next ten years I believe they will designate this group into two separate generations as they hit adulthood, but for now they are one.  This group consists of 26% of our population and advertising agencies are beginning their switch to target this generation, sorry Millennials. 

Some general stats about this generation: This group believes that security is a myth and they live in a broken world.   They are now entering a post Christian culture created by previous generations.  In this world they have a hard time seeing how the Bible and science go together.  Most say the Bible has its story and science has its and they cannot be reconciled.  Only 4% have a biblical worldview, so the science of the classroom will be the dominating thought of this generation.  They do not like to be categorized by denominations like Southern Baptist or Methodist.  A full 35% will claim no religious affiliation.  66% see lying as acceptable.  Now that we can see some of the issues of this group, what do we do?

First we help them from the beginning build a foundation of who God is and what He has done.  This generation needs to hear the basic stories.  God created the heavens and the earth.  Look at how science shows us just how precise the tilt of the earth has to be to maintain life.  Look at how the moon pulls in the tide at a predictable amount and stops.  Then we need them to see how God has helped people through history.  With some, you will have to show archeological digs that prove the history of the Bible.  This leads into showing them just how insecure others have been in the past, but God always provides a way for their lives.  It never says that life will be easy.  It says that He is always with us.

Second, they need to understand important concepts to receive salvation.  The first is Jesus.  For one of the first times in American history, you might have to introduce them to the man Jesus.  For many outside the church the name Jesus is a curse word.  The use of such language might be an introduction to sharing the gospel.  “You use this name to curse, but I know this man you are speaking of, can I help introduce Him to you?”  Then they will need to know that sin is having made an offence to God, and this has a barring on their eternal destination.   They will then need to understand that Jesus was the sacrifice for our sins.  One of the biggest concepts to get them to consider is making Jesus be Lord of their life.  You know what He wants by reading the Bible and going to church with others that believe with you.  This process might take years, but if they do not understand what they are being saved from they will not look, and if they do not understand the how they will not be able to be saved.  And if they are saved from Hell, they need to know where they are being saved to.  What is heaven and why just one sin would make heaven an imperfect place.

It has been said that we need to change our mindset when it comes to making disciples.  We are not to build disciples in Jerusalem, but rather disciples that will live in Babylon.  They will be known for their beliefs, because they will be outnumbered.  There will be a lot less fringe Christianity.  Either you are all in or you will be out. 

This group will lead us into a Christian blackout, or they will be the true church that revives a dry and thirsty land.  I pray you will be a part of bringing people to the water of Jesus Christ.

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