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The Alaskan Bull Moose is known for its battles of dominance during the fall breeding season. They go head-to-head with other males, crashing their antlers violently into one another. The antlers are the only weapons that they have to fight with. In these battles for dominance, it’s common for one of the moose to have an antler or antlers broken and be unable to defend themselves, ensuring their defeat. It’s usually the heftiest moose, with the largest and strongest antlers that triumphs. Therefore, the battle for fall dominance is often won in the summer by the moose who consumes the best diet for growing strong antlers and gaining weight to be able to push other moose around during a fight. The moose that doesn’t eat well or doesn’t eat enough will have weaker antlers and less bulk to win with. The Alaskan Bull Moose provides a great lesson for us as Christians. We know that spiritual warfare will come and we know that Satan will choose a season to attack us. The lesson here is; will we prepare now for the battle that will come? Will we do what it takes to prepare ourselves now so we are victorious later? The bottom line here is to win in spiritual warfare, the attributes or weapons we need to win are best developed before we enter the fight. Here are 4 ways you can bulk up and grow your spiritual antlers before entering the fight that is ahead:

Be Alert

Most of us has watched a little league game or T-ball game before. It can be an entertaining sight. The kids struggle to focus on what they need to focus on. You’ll have kids in the outfield picking flowers…or their noses. Sometimes they completely miss a play on the ball. As Christians we’ve got to learn not to get caught picking flowers when the ball or spiritual warfare is in play. 1 Thessalonians 5:6 says “let us keep awake and be sober”. It talks about how we shouldn’t be caught sleeping. Our focus is to be on the return of Christ. Verses like 1 Corinthians 16:13 tell us to “be watchful”. Maybe if I took it back to the T-ball story for some advice…keep your eye on the ball. To prepare for battle we have to learn to be alert, waiting, watching, focusing on Christ first and the battle ahead.

Don’t Get Tangled

Any of us that have been around a toddler before who is learning to walk or has just learned to walk realizes how much of a challenge it is for them to stay balanced and upright. As parents or grandparents we often go out of our way to make sure the floor is clear of obstacles or other things they might get their feet tangled in. In 2 Timothy 2, it talks about being a good soldier for Christ. It says that the good soldier doesn’t get “entangled by civilian pursuits”. In Hebrews 12:1 it talks about how sin “so easily entangles us”. Satan isn’t like our parents; he doesn’t remove obstacles that will trip us up. Satan probably goes out of his way to put more obstacles or entanglements in our way. If he can trip us up, get us off balance with Christ, then he has a better chance in battle. We need to constantly be watchful of things that have us tangled up in life. What sin exists in your life? What temptations are you succumbing to? Rip off that which entangles you or in other words repent of your sin.

Have Self-Control

The Summer Olympics is quickly approaching. Many of the events that take place during the Olympics require great self-control. If you’re faster than Usain Bolt, it doesn’t matter how fast you are if you aren’t able to control yourself on the start line and end up getting disqualified. In Shooting competitions, the competitors go to great lengths to control themselves. They will use relaxation techniques to reduce their heart rates to one half of what it normally is. They’ll be so focused that they will shoot between heart beats. In 1 Corinthians 9:25-27, Paul speaks of athletes competing and how that relates to how we live. He says they “exercise self-control in all things”. Paul goes on to tell us he doesn’t “run aimlessly” or “box as one beating the air”. Paul says I “discipline my body and keep it under control”. The Christian life doesn’t happen accidently; it requires great self-control. If you don’t have discipline and develop the ability to control yourself, you will fail when the enemy attacks you.

Equip Yourself

I read a story about a motorcycle police officer who pulled over a truck for running a stop sign. The cop was unaware but the guy in the truck had just robbed a convenient store. When the police officer approached, the man inside the truck got scared, thinking that the police already knew what he did. He grabbed the gun that he just used to rob the store and when the officer approached and greeted him and began to request his ID, the man in the truck quickly shot the officer right in the chest from point blank range. The officer went to the ground after being shot. A few seconds pass and the office sits up, shoots the man in the leg and the thief throws the money and the gun out the window scared to death. That day a bullet proof vest saved the police officers life. He was equipped for the job. He was equipped for the unexpected. Ephesians 6:10-12 speaks to putting on “the full armor of God”. The motorcycle cop didn’t expect to get shot that day. It’s easy for us not to expect to be in a spiritual battle today as well. You have to learn to equip yourself before the battle, especially the unexpected ones. If you’re not equipped for the battle, you’ll take a very painful wound.

As Christians we have to be like the moose, prepare for what’s ahead. First you have to be alert, focused on the right things, watch out for sin that will entangle you, develop self-control, sin doesn’t own you, and equip yourself for attacks. Don’t be the moose that’s underweight and with weak antlers. Prepare yourself this summer for the battle that may come this fall!

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Solid Rock Academy started in 2020 with a small class of 5 kindergarteners. This year we are only able to expand the kindergarten class in enrollment with the hope of starting a first grade next year. With the start of the 2022-2023 school year, we also hope to begin the accreditation process with NACS. A school must be in session two years before applying.

It is the vision of the pastor to begin a new and bolder adventure in Christian education. As we begin this endeavor, I would like to first look at why we should have Christian schools. Why should a church be involved in educating their students? This question is a lot easier than you might think. From the first part of Israel’s history, God told the people to teach their children all I have commanded you (Deuteronomy 6). No matter if you are standing, sitting or lying down you were to be learning all about God. It is the parent’s responsibility to give their child the best education, and yes, that education is to have God in every part. We find out what happens when we do not listen to God in the last chapter of Judges. The people forget God and they do what is right in their own eyes. Provers gives hope when it shares a message of a wise father teaching his son the need for wisdom. In the New Testament, Paul takes it to the next level. In First Corinthians it tells the fathers how to teach their sons, but in Romans 1, he tells the Christians that there will be a time where the people will no longer accept God, and in response, God will give them over to their perverse mind. What is wrong becomes right. Education and the church have always had a tight bond. This long standing arrangement was to help the church come alongside the parents and help them teach all that the child needs to know. It is easy to see the need in today’s schools why we need to have a distinctive Christian education, and with only a few options in west Saint Charles county we will try to provide a Bible based education that teaches through the lens of a Biblical worldview.

Our academy will be distinctively Christian in all of its teaching. In light of our beliefs, history of education in the church, and a vision before us, we still have much need for prayer. I am listing for you just a small amount of requests concerning this year’s decisions. I have kept the list to 31, so through the month you have a specific prayer for Solid Rock Academy.



1. Pray for the correct time to begin a first grade class

2. Pray for teachers that will teach from a biblical worldview.

3. Pray for accreditation procedures and using the correct agency

4. Pray for the accreditation process to begin this time next year


5. Pray for classrooms and the current Sunday school classes that will have to share space.

6. Pray for Christian families to want to join us here to serve God


7. Pray for pastor and his vision as we move forward

8. Pray for current and potential families to be served

9. Pray for the administration and school advisory board being set up

10. Pray for the curriculum development team

11. Pray for the safety and protocol team

12. Pray for our Leadership Team that will be the general overseers of all ministry

13. Pray for the additional clerical/nurse help soon to be needed.


14. Pray God is glorified in all our plans

15. Pray for the finances that it will take to start the school

16. Pray for discernment on setting up teacher handbooks/policies

17. Pray for setting up our student handbooks/policies

18. Pray that we begin with a clear mission and vision statement

19. Pray that we set up the best philosophy of education

20. Pray for Dr. Sonny Sherrill and the NACS leadership that is helping us

21. Pray for a building that can help both the church and school grow

22. Pray for specialty teachers (music, physical education, art, computers, and librarian)

23. Pray for a library that can be used

24. Pray for service and outreach events

25. Pray that those in the school not saved yet to hear the message

26. Pray for new equipment and aids in learning

27. Pray for our guest chapel speakers

28. Pray for a new area for indoor recess

29. Pray we use the available space well for outside recess

30. Pray for the advertising to reach the families it needs to reach

31. Pray our focus is always on Christ.

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