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    Adult SS Care Group Leader

    01.16.17 | Volunteer | Adults | At FBCW | by Jeremy Shirley

    The adults who make up your Sunday School class need to be cared for, kept track of, and ministered to. The best way to have care group leaders responsible for a small group of adults within the class. Each care group leader ensures nobody falls...

      Adult SS Prospect List Organizer

      01.16.17 | Volunteer | At FBCW | by Jeremy Shirley

      If we’re serious about reaching people, we must pray for specific people. Someone who serves in this capacity helps keep the focus on specific people in the Sunday school class’ lives that need to be reached for Christ. Creating and maintain a...

        Adult SS Connection Builder

        01.16.17 | Volunteer | At FBCW | by Jeremy Shirley

        When you go to a new church and know no one it can be very difficult to feel welcome and included. You enter a classroom where everyone knows everybody, they know all the inside jokes, how the class runs, where people sit, the things you’ve been...

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